A man in glasses and white robe in the laboratory

Multiple sclerosis


One of the major challenges multiple sclerosis (MS) poses is the simple fact that it is not well understood. It is thought to be the result of a genetic predisposition combined with an environmental or viral factor. 

As there are no specific tests for MS, diagnosis can only be made after evaluating damage to the central nervous system and ruling out other possibilities.


Sanofi has worked for over a decade to develop new treatments for MS, establishing itself as a leader in providing therapies for the disorder, with two marketed products and several products under development.

While many existing treatments modulate the disease’s symptoms, we are focusing on developing therapies that have the potential to modulate the damaged immune system. We also focus our research on agents that can protect and promote repair of the myelin sheath.

Our extensive experience in ultra-rare diseases has shown us that fostering truly personalized medicine is also crucial to effectively treating disorders like MS. We do this by developing relationships with patients and caregivers, healthcare providers and disease organizations and foundations.

We have no doubt that the only way forward is to understand the experiences, challenges and even triumphs of those affected by MS.